CPC Corporation

CPC Corp

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"CPC Corp., Taiwan’s state-run refiner, plans to stop importing oil from the Persian Gulf nation in July because of U.S.-led sanctions, company President Lin Maw-wen said March 26." (Bloomberg, "Taiwan’s Oil Imports From Iran Surge Following Halt in February," 5/16/2012)
"Some processors, including Japan’s Idemitsu Kosan Co. and Taiwan’s CPC Corp., have cut the amount they buy from Iran. CPC, Taiwan’s largest refiner, has reduced its imports to about 4.7 percent of total purchases last year from 11 percent in 2010, Lin Maw-Wen, the state-run refiner’s president, said by phone today." (Businessweek, "Asian Refiners Seek Iran Oil Alternatives on Disruption Threat," 1/6/2012)