A CommScope representative attended the International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (“ICROM”), which will took place at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran on November 20-21, 2019


According to its website, Iranian company Fatehin Sanat supplies various products made by Commscope.


In a 2010 Correspondence with the SEC, CommScope, Inc. reports that its company indirectly sells its products to customers in Iran:

“With regard to the number or quantity of Company products that have been sold or distributed by the OEM into Iran, Sudan, Cuba, or Syria (hereinafter the “Sanctioned Countries”), the Company does not have or typically obtain data from customers that would allow it to provide such information. The Company only became aware of reexports by the OEM to the referenced countries when a foreign subsidiary acquired OEM shipment information for a portion of 2008 in connection with a logistics issue. This information, which has not been verified by the Company, suggested that, collectively, about 5 percent of the OEM’s reexports of Company products (the vast majority of which were not U.S. origin) were to the Sanctioned Countries.

 Because, with the exception of isolated sales in support of United Nations operations in Sudan, the Company does not make sales to customers when it knows that Company product is intended specifically for end use in Iran, Sudan, Cuba, or Syria, the Company lacks sufficient information to accurately state the actual revenue that may be attributable to sales of Company products in the these countries by its international customers.” (SEC, 2010 Correspondence, 6/14/2010)