Comfin Software


ComFin Software GmbH (“ComFin”) is listed as an exhibitor at the 24th International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition (“Iran Oil Show”), which will take place at the Tehran International Permanent Fairground on May 1-4, 2019. (Iran Oil Show 2019 Website, “Exhibitors”).


ComFin, Austria’s only provider of trading and risk management software (E / CTRM) for the oil and natural resources industry, wants to tackle the current political conflict between the Trump administration and China and Iran take advantage of new development contracts. Since most of the competitors have a strong US connection, the Vienna-based company sees large order potential in Tehran and Beijing, according to ComFin CEO Gerald Neher. (11/22/2018)

The general feedback we have received from Iranian companies was that there is currently little interest in our solutions, as their trading business has been minimized due to the sanctions imposed by the US. However, we hope this will change once and if the sanctions are lifted. (May 6, 2019).