Ciech Trading S.A.

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"Poland’s Ciech Group, one of the leaders on the European chemical industry, has halted trade with Iran after the country’s top diplomat called on the EU to show “great empathy” towards US motives in reimposing sanctions on Tehran." (5/29/2018).


In May 2017, Ciech revealed that “[i]n Q1 2017, Ciech Sarzyna received registration of a new product in Poland (Chwastox Complex) and registration of the existing plant protection chemicals in Iran, Azerbaijan, and Spain.”  (Ciech Group, “Ciech Group: Solid financial results in Q1 2017,” 17/05/2017). 

In January 2017, Ciech CEO Tomaz Grzela said that his Ciech was “interested in investments in Iran in bunkering and transporting LNG, LPG and petrochemicals.” (Central European Financial Observer, “Poland plans to expand cooperation with Iranian companies in maritime transport,” 1/24/2017). 


A November 2016 article also stated, “National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) and Polish company Ciech Trading SA, a subsidiary of Ciech SA are willing to sign an agreement aimed at transporting Iranian crude, LNG and petrochemicals as well as bunker of ships.”  (Poland at Sea, “Poland ready to cooperate with Iran in marine transportation,” 10/04/2017


"Iran and Poland held negotiations in Tehran over launching a joint shipping line for transport of crude oil, petrochemical products as well as liquefied gas. A fresh round of talks was conducted in Tehran between National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) and Poland’s Ciech Trading S.A. to establish a joint company to transport petrochemicals and liquefied gas in addition to development of bunkering industry. Tomasz Grzela, Managing Director of Ciech Trading S.A., said at the meeting that his company eyes expansion of ties with NITC in the post-JCPOA era; “accordingly, we are eager to begin joint investment in a wide variety of fields like bunkering as well as carrying of petrochemical products and liquefied natural gas (LNG).” The Polish official asserted that a joint firm will be formed by NITC and Ciech Trading S.A. in order to bolster relations." (Mehr News Agency, "Iran, Poland to establish joint shipping line," 11/22/2016).