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PRS now classes the VLCCs Deep SeaFelicityHilda IHerby and Starla, plus the Suezmax vessel Salina. These vessels were previously covered by classification societies Lloyd’s Register, Korea Shipping, and DNV, according to Lloyd’s List Intelligence data. Class transfers began in September, with the final vessel completed to PRS in late February, data shows. Most other tankers in the fleet are now with the China Classification Society...This means the active NITC fleet is now covered by China for all but the six PRS vessels, according to Lloyd’s List Intelligence data. (March 22, 2019)


According to the open source Equasis Database, China Classification Society provides services to two National Iranian Tanker Company vessels, the "Darab" and the "Dadgar" (Equasis: Ship Search)


"UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran) organization has sent a letter to China Classification Society (CCS) to stop certifying Iranian vessels, a source in UANI told Trend.UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran) organization has sent a letter to China Classification Society (CCS) to stop certifying Iranian vessels, a source in UANI told Trend. According to the source, UANI currently is focused on 'pressuring shipping companies', however there are 'more campaigns coming up'. CCS reportedly surveys tankers of the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC), and has provided certification coverage to the NITC's Darab and Justice vessels. In its letter to China Classification Society (CCS), UANI expressed their concern about CCS's business activities with Iran. The letter states that 'by providing certification and other maritime services to Iranian vessels owned by sanctioned entities, CCS is directly facilitating the ability of the Iranian regime to circumvent multilateral sanctions that have been imposed to prevent it from further developing its illegal nuclear weapons program'... UANI says CCS may also run afoul of U.S. law if it maintains its business activity with Iran... In July, KR had sidestepped calls by UANI to halt its verification work saying it was concerned that vessel safety and marine environment protection could be compromised." (Trend, "UANI warns China's CS about Iranian vessels, plans more campaigns," 10/4/2012)


“The vessel was transferred to CCS class on December 25, 2019… before accepting classification of the vessel, we were confirmed by the Owner of not involving any Iranian oil transportation business. Furthermore, the ownership and the operator of the vessel were changed in May 2020 with the current name “SEA GLAMOUR.” Therefore the information provided in your letter on the mentioned date 31st Jan. 2020 is not relevant to the current Owner and Operator.” (March 31, 2021)


"The information regarding the vessel GAO CHENG 3, which we were unaware of, before, has been fully noted. CCS will approach relevant parties for further information and take actions as appropriate. I would like to thank you for providing us information about the cargoes and the voyage of the involved ship, together with the detailed explanation about the U.S. government requirements…The commercial operation is on the owner’s business." (February 14, 2019)