Capital Product Partners


As of August 15, 2019, Iowa's Municipal Fire & Police Retirement System lists Capital Product Partners on its Iran Scrutinized Companies List.


In 2017, the state of Iowa listed Capital Product Partners on its Iran scrutinized companies list rendering Capital Product Partners ineligible for investment and/or state contracting.


Stated in its 2016 SEC report “Of the vessels in our fleet, one vessel made one port call to Iran, which represented approximately 0.2% of our total calls in 2015. In addition, a vessel owned by our affiliate, Capital Maritime, made one port call to Iran. As part of the voyage charter arrangements between our affiliate Capital Maritime and third-party charterers, Capital Maritime or its manager may pay fees and expenses related to the port calls made in Iran through a private third-party agent in Iran appointed by the third-party charterer, which in 2015 did not include any payments for refueling or bunkers for the vessels making such port calls.”