Brite Air


"A few days after Donald Trump’s shock election victory, U.S. aviation salesman Adam Meyer took the kind of call he knew was coming -- a small Iranian airline wanted to know if its plan to repair a fleet of aging American jets would still be possible. “We have to wait and see,” Meyer, Middle East and Africa managing director for Minnesota-based Brite Air Parts Inc., recalled telling the concerned executive. “Trump can definitely make it difficult for us as an American company, but I’m trying to stay on the side of optimism.” Brite Air is among scores of foreign and Iranian businesses, from oil majors to car makers, whose prospects were dented when Trump became president-elect. Plans are hinged on an Iran open for business after most sanctions were lifted by last year’s nuclear agreement, a deal attacked by Trump as ripe for renegotiation or shredding... Meyer at Brite Air says Europeans businesses have forged ahead in Iran as U.S. firms await export licenses. He’s spent three years laying the groundwork to sell parts and engines to Iranian carriers, and was attending an international air show on Iran’s Kish Island -- a free-trade zone in the Persian Gulf -- at the time of the Congress vote." (Bloomberg News, "Deal Maker or Deal Shredder: Billions Ride on Trump Iran Policy," 11/22/2016).


Attended the 2016 Iran Aviation Summit.