"French state-owned bank Bpifrance has abandoned its plan to set up a mechanism to aid French companies trading with Iran, in the face of U.S. sanctions against Tehran. Earlier this year, the bank had said it was working on a project to finance French companies that wished to export goods to Iran despite U.S. sanctions. “It’s put on hold,” said Nicolas Dufourcq, Bpifrance’s chief executive. “Conditions are not met (...) Sanctions are punitive for companies.”" (1/24/2018)


On September 24, 2017, The New York Times reported that Bpifrance “will finance investment projects of French companies in Iran from 2018, granting up to 500 million euros ($598 million) in annual credits.”  (New York Times, “French State Bank Bpifrance to Fund Projects in Iran, CEO Tells Paper,” 9/24/2017). 


This report followed an earlier article from October 2016, which reported that “officials from the Bpifrance and Export Development bank of Iran (“EDBI”) discussed expansion of ties….”  (Financial Tribune, “Bpifrance, EDBI Discuss Ties,” 10/24/2016).