Bertsch Group


Bertsch is listed as an exhibitor at the 2017 Iran Oil Show. 


"Owner and manager of the Austrian Bertsch Group said family-owned Austrian companies have always received warm welcome from their Iranian counterparts because they have never betrayed each other's trust. 'Austrians are very welcome in Iran and they will be very welcome in Austria, because they trust each other,' said Hubert Bertsch in an interview with Shana during a Tehran visit. The Bertsch Group is active in the business of power plants and waste-heat recovery systems and it is very much in the oil, gas and in the general industry, said Mr. Bertsch. The company has a long history of presence in Iran because the mentality of Iranian and Austrian people is very much aligned... The Austrian industrialist added, 'We have partners here in Iran. I personally have been here 20 years ago and it's a good country and we will have a good future together.'" (IRNA, "Austrian, Iranian firms in best terms: Bertsch CEO," 9/24/15)