Begg Cousland Envirotec Ltd


Begg Cousland is featured on the website of the Iranian firm, Petro Farayand Sadid (“Petrosadid”), as one of its Worldwide Partners.


Iran is featured on the Begg Cousland website.

"For your information we did have 2 representation agreements in the period prior to the May 2018 sanctions being in place, with Petrosadid and with Aderan Dej. The agreement with Petrosadid expired on 31st December 2018, and was not renewed. No trading has taken place, nor will take place, in contravention of sanctions. The agreement with Adreran Dej remains valid without any time limitation. However there has been no trading via them nor will any take place in contravention of sanctions. We are a European company & group, subject to EU / UK laws, which we respect." (1/27/2020)