Agriculture, Trading

In June 2017 – “BayWa Company in Iran since sanctions era - Chairman of the German company BayWa said here on Monday that the company entered Iranian market during the imposed sanctions.”


"Iran is about to open for business, and the world's grain traders are lining up. Food wasn't subject to sanctions, but the rules created enough difficulty to keep out many grain suppliers. Now, with world powers expected to lift restrictions as early as next year, new companies are entering the market. One example: BayWa AG, a German firm that recently shipped Russian grain and South American soybean meal to Iran... BayWa sent an executive to Tehran a week ago as part of a German trade delegation of 100. The Munich-based company plans to ship 250,000 metric tons of grains and oilseeds to the country this quarter." (Bloomberg News, "Grain Traders Eye Business in Iran as Sanctions Set to Ease," 11/9/15)