Bausch & Lomb*


According to an Annual report filed with the SEC in 2013: “Bausch & Lomb, an eye health company, makes sales of human healthcare products to benefit patients in Iran under licenses issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”). In 2012, Bausch & Lomb was granted licenses by OFAC, extending to its foreign affiliates doing business in Iran. Before the U.S. Government extended OFAC sanctions to entities controlled by U.S. persons in October 2012, it was permissible under U.S. law for non-U.S. affiliates to engage in sales to Iranian customers under limited circumstances. In accordance with these requirements, during the first three quarters of 2012, certain of Bausch & Lomb's non‑U.S. affiliates engaged in sales to Iran from its Surgical - Consumables business, which includes certain intraocular lenses and other products used to help people retain or regain sight. Its non-U.S. affiliate, Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH (“TPV”), which sells ophthalmic surgery systems and related products used in connection with refractive and cataract surgery, also engaged in sales to Iran. These sales were all conducted through a distributor, which also engaged in certain registration and licensing activities with the Iranian government involving Bausch & Lomb's products. The Iranian distributor is not listed on any U.S. sanctions lists and is not a government-owned entity. However, the downstream customers of this distributor included public hospitals, which may be owned or controlled directly or indirectly by the Iranian government. The entire gross revenues attributable to Bausch & Lomb's Surgical - Consumables business not conducted pursuant to an OFAC license in Iran during 2012 were US$5,058,000 and the gross profits were US$2,690,000. The entire gross revenues attributable to TPV's sales to Iran during 2012 not under OFAC license were € 1,738,900 and the gross profits were € 958,624. Bausch & Lomb does not have sufficient information to specify what proportion of these sales may relate to Iranian government end customers of its distributor. The purpose of Bausch & Lomb's Iran-related activities is to provide access to important and sight-saving products to surgeons and patients in Iran, and to improve the eye healthcare of the Iranian people. For this reason, Bausch & Lomb and its affiliates plan to continue their existing activities and operations in Iran; however, as noted above, all of this business (including business conducted by non-U.S. companies) is conducted pursuant to licenses issued by OFAC.”