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Bank Alpinum

"Bank Alpinum terminates business dealings with Iran - including those that are not affected by the current Iran sanctions, but where the client lives in Iran. This was decided by the Board of Directors in mid-March, as the bank announced on Friday." (5/24/2019)


In January 2017, the Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”), based on information obtained from the Indian Embassy in Tehran, named Bank Alpinum AG (“Bank Alpinum”) as one of a number of international banks with correspondent banking relationships with Iranian banks.  (RBI Website, “FAQs [Names of International banks which have entered into a correspondent banking relationship with Iranian banks],” 1/19/2017).


Bank Alpinum has agreed to speak at the Impulse Event: Iran in Biel, Switzerland on June 29, 2017.  (S-GE Website, “IMPULSE EVENT: IRAN”).