Axis Capital


According to its Annual report filed with the SEC for fiscal year 2019: "As and when allowed by the applicable law and regulations, certain of our non-U.S. subsidiaries provide treaty reinsurance coverage to non-U.S. insurers on a worldwide basis, including insurers of liability, marine, aviation and energy risks, and as a result, these underlying reinsurance portfolios may have some exposure to Iran. In addition, we underwrite insurance and facultative reinsurance on a global basis to non-U.S. insureds and insurers, including for liability, marine, aviation and energy risks. Coverage provided to non-Iranian business may indirectly cover an exposure in Iran. For example, certain of our operations underwrite global marine hull and cargo policies that provide coverage for vessels navigating into and out of ports worldwide, including Iran. For the quarter ended December 31, 2019, there has been no material amount of premium allocated or apportioned to activities relating to Iran. As we believe these activities are permitted under applicable laws and regulations, we intend for our non-U.S. subsidiaries to continue to provide such coverage to the extent permitted by applicable law."


Axis Capital has filed Iran Notices with the SEC for its Iran related business from 2016-2020.