Avin International


"Avin International S.A. is active in the transportation of crude oil, gas and petroleum products. Avin is one of the world’s leading independent shipment oil operators owned by the Vardinoyannis family; Avin International S.A. – owned by Vardis Vardinogiannis is deeply involved in cooperation with the Iranian regime to assist them to bypass sanctions;" (IFMAT, "Our Senior Diplomat In Iran: Report," 7/25/2019). 


“While NITC continues to be the market leader in terms of the number of ships deployed for loading crude from Iran, other companies with ships loading from the country include Dynacom, Delta Tankers, Euronav, Polembros, COSCO, Avin International, Olympic Shipping and Management, New Shipping and Thenamaris, it said.” (Platts, "Tankers: Sharp Rise in Iran's Crude Oil Shipments to Europe," March 2017).