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AtomStroyExport, subsidiary of Rosatom, and Nuclear Power Production and Development Company of Iran signed an EPC turnkey contract for construction of the units in Bushehr in November 2014. In March 2017 a ceremony to launch construction work was attended by NPDD and ASE.


Atomstroyexport, called "Russia's main nuclear exporter," is under German investigation for possibly breaking European rules by transporting Iran-bound shipments through Europe: “The formal investigation into Russia's activities by Frankfurt prosecutors…provides a window into the extent of the ongoing nuclear traffic with Iran, as well as the international tug of war over how much of it to stop."

“Frankfurt prosecutors say they launched their investigations after customs officials seized air-freight cargo en route from Moscow to Tehran that they determined contained monitoring equipment bound for the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, which has been haltingly under construction since the 1970s. The EU argues that helping even the civilian side of Iran's nuclear program serves to strengthen the full nuclear program, so it prohibits dealings with Bushehr...The prosecutors are examining the alleged role in transporting nuclear-related supplies through Europe by workers of the three airlines, and of employees of the alleged source of the cargo—JSC AtomStroyExport, the export arm of Russia's Atomic Energy Ministry.

AtomStroyExport has been helping Iran at Bushehr since signing a $1 billion contract in 1995, the Russian firm's website says. Russia recently committed to opening the plant by August."

"Both Russia and Iran say AtomStroyExport's participation in the construction of the Bushehr plant is legal. An AtomStroyExport spokeswoman said none of its shipments were affected by sanctions, stopped by German investigators or addressed to Iran's atomic agency."

"A European intelligence official said he believed the shipments seized in Europe represent the "tip of the iceberg" of Russian shipments to Iran" (The Wall Street Journal, "Germany Probes Russian Shipments to Iran." 6/12/10).


"Atomstroyexport JSC continues construction of Bushehr NPP, which was begun in 1974 by German concern Kraftwerk Union A.G. (Siemens/KWU). In 1980 the concern terminated the contract with the Iranian customer because of the decision of the German government to join the American embargo on the equipment supplies to Iran.

On August 24th, 1992 the Cooperation Agreement in the field of peaceful use of atomic energy was signed between the government of the Russian Federation and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and on August 25th, 1992 the Agreement was concluded on construction of the NPP in Iran. In January, 1995 the contract was signed for completion of construction of power unit No.1 of Bushehr NPP, and in 1998 Supplement No.1 to the above contract was signed according to which Atomstroyexport was assigned with management of the construction completion. Actually the countdown of construction of Bushehr NPP by the Russian party began in1998." (Company Website)


"On February 25, 2009 Head of SC Rosatom, Mr. Sergey Kirienko, and President of Atomstroyexport JSC, Mr. Dan Belenkiy, made a working visit to the Site of Bushehr NPP being constructed on a “turnkey” basis by Atomstroyexport JSC. Loading of dummy fuel assemblies in the reactor of Unit No. 1 started during the visit." (Company Website)


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