HKG: 1135


"IRIB broadcasts not only in Persian but in Arabic—on its Al Alam channel—and in English on its Press TV. Besides Eutelsat, companies it uses include Intelsat SA, Telesat Holdings Inc. and AsiaSat, a Hong Kong-based operator in which General Electric Co. has a stake... Iran has little reason to jam Intelsat and AsiaSat, which don't carry BBC Persian or other typically targeted channels, and those companies said they weren't aware of their satellites being jammed." (The Wall Street Journal, "In Skies Over Iran, a Battle for Control of Satellite TV," 12/27/2011)


AsiaSat sent a notice to IRIB on 3 September 2012 initiating the contractually prescribed process requiring for eventual termination of the satellite services AsiaSat was providing to IRIB. At this time AsiaSat has no intention of seeking future business in Iran.