Arflu SA


Narvan Arra, an Iranian infastructure company, lists Arflu as a partner on its website


Arflu signed a “Letter of Agency” signed by then Arflu CEO Juan Arana on November 16, 2016 granting exclusive agency rights to the Iranian firm, Petro Farayand Sadid (“Petrosadid”) in Iran. The letter states: We, ARFLU, Hereafter referred to as the Company, herewith appoint Petro
Farayand Sadid, represented by Managing Director Mr. Saeed Aliashrafi, having its office at Unit 3, No. 20, Baharan 1st., Shokoofan 2nd., Darya Blvd, Shahrak Gharb, Tehran, IRAN, P.O BOX: 1998915554, hereafter referred as the agent, as our EXCLUSIVE AUTHORIZED AGENT in the territory of IRAN. On behalf of the Company, the agent is authorized to negotiate with the customers /clients for the orders of supplying the products. Further detail s of the scope of agreement are drawn under the agency agreement signed by both parties. This certificate will remain valid till December 31, 2019. (Petrosadid Website, “EXCLUSIVE AGENCY LETTER,” 11/16/2016).


Arflu is featured on the Petrosadid website as one of its Worldwide Partners.