Arcology Investments


"According to the now deleted website of Dubai-based Arcology Investments, which listed Paymood and Niksima as its subsidiaries, Paymood has two LNG tankers that serve the Jam Petrochemicals complex. Jam has become a major target of U.S. sanctions, and was also named with Niksima in the sanctions handed down in May. The idea is that Iran may be instructing customers who buy products from Jam to pay companies like Niksima instead – companies that aren’t subject to sanctions or U.S. scrutiny but who provide other valuable services to Jam through a parent company such as Arcology and its other subsidiaries like Paymood. Niksima, in other words, may get money from Jam’s customers in exchange for the services Paymood provides to Jam. This is how a frozen yogurt company could in theory get tied up with Iran’s energy industry."  (The Wall Street Journal, "Dubai Frozen Yoghurt Firm Feels Iran Sanction Chill," 7/15/2013)