Saudi Arabia

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"Bahrain will stop broadcasting its channels on satellite operator Arabsat to protest an Iran-led 'hostile' media campaign, the state news agency BNA reported on Saturday. 'The information Affairs Authority (IAA) decided to stop broadcasting Bahrain bouqet on Arabsat, starting from June 1,' BNA said quoting an English language statement. IAA criticised Arabsat for failing to heed repreated requests to take an 'official measure' against Iranian channels which also broadcast Arabsat... The IAA said it had 'repeatedly requested' Arabsat to take measures against Iranian channels since February 2011, when a month-long Shiite-led uprising began in Bahrain against the regime. 'The executive body of Arabsat did not respond to these requrests,' said the statement. In 2009, Saudi-based Arabsat and another Arab satellite operator, Nilesat, briefly stopped broadcasting Arabic-language Iranian channel Al-Alam." (AFP, "Bahrain to quit Arabsat to protest Iran channels," 5/30/2012)
"Iran is jamming broadcasts by Qatar-based news channel Al-Jazeera, satellite operator Arabsat said in a statement received Tuesday... The satellite television on Sunday announced a new frequency for Arabsat viewers due to 'continued interference.'" (European News Centre, "Iran jamming Al-Jazeera: Arabsat," 1/11/2012)