Ameriabank CJSC


"A two-day international economic conference on modeling effective economic and political development started today in Kamar Business Center in Yerevan, Ameriabank, a partner of the conference, said in a press release...The conference has brought together representatives of universities, researchers and experts from Armenia, Russia, Iran, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, China and the United States." (Ameriabank, "Ameribank partners two-day international economic conference in Armenia," 4/1/2019).


AmeriaBank is listed as one of the participating companies at the Focus Iran Summit & Exhibition that took place from September 26-27, 2016, in Tehran, Iran. (Participating Companies)


Referenced as an international bank that conducts business with U.S. banks that service designated Iranian banks. (Avi Jorisch, Iran's Dirty Banking, 2010)