South Africa

"Anubhav Singh, the head of global sales and marketing at South African telecommunications-equipment maker Afripipes, said his company was halting its postdeal exploration of the Iranian market as a result of Mr. Trump’s election. “We’re waiting to see what Trump’s policies are with respect to Iran and then take it from there,” he said... Smaller companies, because of their size, can’t as easily absorb losses from ventures that have to be scrapped because of sanctions. In the past, U.S. sanctions have had a chilling effect on companies dealing with Iran because some of them apply on any company with American connections." (The Wall Street Journal, "Trump Victory Slows Business Investment in Iran," 1/18/2017).


Afripipes has expressed interest in the Iranian market, noting that “Iran is a big market and there’s potential there….”  However, Afripipes’ head of global sales and marketing, Anubhav Singh, rightly sounded a cautious note in the wake of the election of President-elect Trump by adding, “we’re not sure how the sanctions are going to go….  We are being cautious and seeing how things pan out in the next five or six months.”  (Wall Street Journal, “Boeing Seals Nearly $17 Billion Iran Deal,” 12/11/2016). 


Afripipes is listed as an exhibitor at the Iran Telecom Innovations Conference that took place from September 25-28, 2016, in Tehran, Iran. (Iran Telecom Innovations Exhibitor List, 2016).