UANI Campaigns

UANI's unprecedented success in pressuring multinational corporations to cease business in Iran has alerted the business community of the serious financial and reputational risks of doing business with the Iranian regime. Owing to UANI's efforts, companies worldwide have been spurred to cut their business ties to Iran.

  • Campaign Successes

    UANI's unprecedented success in pressuring multinational corporations to cease business in Iran has alerted the business community of the serious financial and reputational risks of doing business with the Iranian regime. Owing to UANI's efforts, companies worldwide have been spurred to cut their business ties to Iran. 

  • Accounting Campaign

    UANI's "Accounting Campaign" highlights the practices of international accounting networks and associations that maintain member or correspondent firms in Iran. At a time when the international community is working to economically isolate Iran in response to the regime's illicit nuclear activities, the provision of accounting, auditing and other professional services by these accounting networks and associations is a boon to the Iranian economy and facilitates international commerce in Iran, often by creating a veneer of credibility and transparency that encourages foreign investment.

  • Auto Campaign

    United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) launched its Auto Campaign in March 2012. At the urging of UANI, the White House issued an Executive Order on June 3, 2013 imposing sanctions on those persons or entities that do business in Iran’s automotive sector. 

  • Cranes Campaign

    One of the Iranian regime's preferred methods of execution is public hanging from a construction crane. To address this egregious phenomenon, UANI launched its "Cranes Campaign" in 2011 with a launch op-ed in the Los Angeles Times entitled "Iran's Execution Binge."

  • Cranes, Construction, and Tunneling Campaign

    UANI's "Cranes, Construction, and Tunneling Campaign" highlights the activities of international firms that provide the Iranian regime with construction equipment and heavy machinery, including sensitive tunneling technology that is used to shield and obscure Iran’s nuclear program and cranes used in public executions

  • IRGC Campaign

    The purpose of the IRGC Campaign is to identify companies and entities that are owned, operated or controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC), and to highlight relationships between these entities and multinational corporations.

  • Lebanon Banking Campaign

    Lebanon, controlled by Hizballah, a terror proxy of Iran, is engaged in a massive money laundering scheme, and is helping to facilitate Iran’s evasion of sanctions. UANI calls for the designation of Lebanon, like the U.S. Treasury has already done with Iran, as a jurisdiction of primary money laundering concern under Section 311 of the USA PATRIOT Act.

  • Port Authority Campaign

    UANI launched its Port Authority Campaign to ensure that any shipping line or maritime entity that continues to do business with Iranian entities (docking at Iranian ports, having offices in Iran, or exporting and importing products to and from Iran - precluding humanitarian shipments) is denied access to North American ports

  • Rial Currency Printing Campaign

    UANI’s Currency Printing Campaign highlights the activities of multinational currency printing companies that provide materials necessary for the Iranian regime to counteract the effects of sanctions on its currency. By increasing the printing volume of the rial, the regime bolsters its floundering currency and masks the disastrous impact of its political decisions and economic mismanagement.

  • SWIFT Campaign

    UANI launched its SWIFT Campaign in January 2012 to call upon the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) to comply with U.S. and EU sanctions as well as its own bylaws and terminate its relationship with and deny access to all Iranian financial institutions, including the Central Bank of Iran. Headquartered in Belgium, SWIFT is the primary global means to transfer money electronically between banks. Absent access to SWIFT, the dictatorial regime of Iran would be severely impeded in financing its illicit nuclear program and terrorist activities. SWIFT’s continued presence in Iran provides the essential electronic means for the Iranian regime to finance this behavior.

  • Tech and Telecom Campaign

    UANI launched its "Tech & Telecom Campaign" to highlight the practices of international firms that provide the Iranian regime with sensitive technology and telecommunications equipment that are used to restrict and monitor internet and cellphone services, as well as facilitate the broadcast and dissemination of regime-sponsored propaganda. The regime uses this technology to facilitate its suppression of the citizens of Iran.

  • Trade Delegation and Country Campaign

    In the wake of the implementation of the Joint Plan of Action (“JPA”) interim agreement between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries, a number of national trade delegations have visited Iran in order to expand or renew their Iran business. Notwithstanding the terms of the JPA, there remain severe reputational, financial and legal risks associated with Iran business. In light of such risks it should be clear to all responsible nations and companies that Iran is not open for business. Accordingly, UANI is calling on all nations and companies to forgo engaging in Iran business or visiting Iran until a comprehensive and final agreement is reached that unequivocally confirms the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program.

  • UN Campaign

    The purpose of the UN Campaign is to track the Iranian regime’s ongoing misuse of the UN system and highlight Iran’s hypocritical conduct on the international stage. Iran directly undermines the founding principles of the UN, brazenly flouts multiple binding UN Security Council resolutions and misuses the UN General Assembly as a platform to promulgate hate speech, threaten other UN members with annihilation and deny the Holocaust. In an August 14, 2012 Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, UANI leadership stated, “Iran has repeatedly called for Israel's destruction, using anti-Semitic, anti-Israel rhetoric in violation of the Genocide Convention. It has been repeatedly sanctioned by the Security Council and condemned by the International Atomic Energy Agency for violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It has also been cited for aiding the Assad regime's slaughter of Syrian citizens. Tehran regularly hosts Holocaust-denial conferences.”

  • UNGA Campaign

    UANI organizes and leads efforts to raise awareness during the UN General Assembly (UNGA) of the threat the Iranian regime poses to international security and stability.  As part of this effort, UANI has called on New York area hotels and venues to not host the Iranian delegation in New York City. UANI and its supporters have successfully urged a number of venues to decline accommodations and event space for the Iranian President and other regime members.