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"Russia's Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) says it sees Iran as a potential customer with a big order for its Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) planes. The company's head Ilya Tarasenko said the jet manufacturer could deliver about 100 Superjets to Iran after sanctions were fully lifted on the Islamic Republic. 'There is a huge interest; we expect to deliver some 100 aircraft. We have discussed the deliveries with the potential airline companies from Iran and expect some 100 planes to be delivered,' the Sputnik news agency quoted him as saying." (Press TV, "Sukhoi sees Iran order for 100 Superjets," 11/9/15) 


In 2006, "Rosoboronexport contracted with Iran late July to modernize 30 Su-24 front bombers which may bear tactic nuclear weapons. The contract is to be executed by Sukhoi." (Kommersant, "Sanctions Imposed on Russian Companies Linked with Iran," 08/05/06)


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