Time to tighten the vise on Iran

New York Daily News

UANI Chairman Senator Joseph I. Lieberman and UANI Senior Advisor Senator Mark Kirk write: "An international arms embargo is not a foreign policy weapon to be casually employed. Whether or not it has a debilitating effect on the target country, an arms embargo is a powerful symbol of the international community’s ire, and should be used only against nations that threaten global security and principles. Iran fits this definition. Over the past year, Iran has managed to carry out drone and cruise missile attacks on two Saudi oil facilities, seize ships in the Persian Gulf, shoot down a U.S. drone over international waters, fund and target deadly attacks on U.S. soldiers in Iraq as well as escalate the scope of violence in Syria, Yemen and Lebanon through its partners and proxies and, most recently, engage in aggressive, widespread cyberattacks against the international community’s efforts to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic."