Iran shaves weeks off breakout time, but isn’t tearing up nuclear pact yet

Times of Israel

"The ongoing game of brinkmanship between Tehran and Washington has entered a new, potentially dangerous level, with Iran restarting uranium enrichment at its Fordo nuclear facility and also announcing it was raising the level of this enrichment, up to five percent. Jason Brodsky, policy director for the bipartisan United Against a Nuclear Iran organization, said this should be seen as largely symbolic but highly provocative move, though one that is unlikely to significantly change the overall dynamic playing out between the United States and Iran. '[The Iranians] feel, probably, that the steps taken to date haven’t moved the needle in attracting sanctions relief, so they need to get more hardcore, while still keeping it reversible,' Brodsky told The Times of Israel over the phone. 'They’re trying to do something, to be provocative enough to attract sanctions relief, but not too provocative to attract a military strike or a full snapback of sanctions,' he said."