Embassy seizure four decades ago leaves a legacy of bitterness between Iran and the United States

Washington Post

"Barry Rosen, the press attache at the embassy who was among those taken captive, will spend Monday on Capitol Hill speaking on a United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) panel about the continuing animosity. He said the bitterness he sees coming from Washington and Tehran seems more profound than ever. That is particularly true among the former captives, he said. Mark Wallace, the head of UANI, said the hostage crisis may rarely be mentioned anymore, but the view of Iran as a hostile adversary is drilled into the American psyche. In echoes of 1979, when Iranians called the embassy and its jailed diplomats 'a den of espionage,' at least five American citizens are imprisoned in Iran on espionage charges considered baseless. 'It started with hostage-taking in the embassy, and we have people held hostage there right now," Wallace said."