UANI Releases Photographs of Tadano and UNIC Cranes Being Used for Public Executions in Iran, Calls on Tadano and UNIC to End Business in Iran

May 18, 2011
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Releases Photographs of Tadano and UNIC Cranes
Being Used for Public Executions in Iran, Calls on Tadano and UNIC to
Business in Iran


New York, NY
-  United Against Nuclear
Iran (UANI) on Wednesday
called on crane manufacturers Tadano and UNIC to end
their business dealings in Iran,
where the Iranian regime has been using their cranes to perform brutal


UANI released
photographic evidence
showing that Iranian citizens have been publicly hung from Tadano and
cranes, and wrote to Tadano and UNIC executives calling on them to pull
out of


Tadano, a Japanese
equipment manufacturer, maintains ties with IER Iran, an Iranian
subsidiary, as
well as with Part Loader Co., which states that it operates as Tadano's
authorized distributor in Iran.  UNIC is a Japanese hydraulic
manufacturer specializing in truck-mounted cranes and mini crawler
cranes with
a turnover of $485 million and over 60 overseas sales locations.


As part of its newly
launched "Cranes Campaign,"
UANI is highlighting the
Iranian regime's abhorrent public executions by hanging from
cranes, and the disturbing reality that these cranes are coming from
and Asian companies.


In a letter to
Tadano's CEO and
President, UANI President, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace


Recently, photos
have been published in Iran of Tadano
cranes being used to hang Iranians in public executions. While UANI
that Tadano is in no way condoning this behavior, it is important for
Tadano to
send the strongest message possible to the Iranian government that the
of Tadano products is unacceptable.  


To this end, UANI
is calling on Tadano, to end its
business dealings in Iran. 


In a corresponding
letter to UNIC
President Kenji Ichimura, Ambassador Wallace wrote:


corporations, notably construction companies
Caterpillar and Komatsu, have also already pulled out of
Iran.  These
companies made this decision in light of Iran's continued pursuit of an
nuclear weapons program and its continued sponsorship of terrorist
throughout the region like Hezbollah and Hamas.  Iran is also
engaged in a
brutal campaign of oppression against the democratic aspirations of its
people, as evidenced so profoundly by the use of UNIC cranes to stage


Despite the clear
misuse of these cranes for public
executions, the possibility of UNIC's name being even remotely
associated with
the despotic regime in Tehran should be reason enough to end UNIC's
business in
Iran.  This is well in keeping with broader efforts by the
United States
and Japan to impose increasingly tougher sanctions against the regime
in the
past year in light of its abysmal human rights record, as well as its
violations of the provisions of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
through its
pursuit of an illegal nuclear weapons program.


UANI's Cranes
Campaign highlights
Iran's blistering pace of executions in the first months of 2011, with
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran proclaiming that the
regime is
on an "execution binge."  Since the New Year, according to Amnesty
International, more than
135 executions have taken place.  This year, Amnesty reports
that the
regime has hanged as many as 13 people in public, compared to only 14
in all of


corporations, notably
construction companies Terex, Caterpillar, and Komatsu have already
pulled out
of Iran.  In addition to Tadano and UNIC, as part of the
Cranes Campaign
UANI is also calling on Manitowoc, a U.S. cranes company, and foreign
manufacturers such as Liebherr (Germany), Cargotec (Finland),
(Finland), XCMG (China), Kobelco (Japan), Zoomlion (China) and Gottwald
(Germany) to account for their business in Iran and the likelihood that
cranes are being used for public executions.


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