Eye on Iran: Video of Woman’s Violent Arrest Sparks Outrage in Iran


Video of Woman’s Violent Arrest Sparks Outrage in Iran | Associated Press


Iran has ordered an investigation after a video surfaced showing police pushing and pulling a young woman who was resisting arrest for not adhering to the Islamic dress code.

Iran Lawmakers Want Central Banker Fired amid Currency Chaos | Bloomberg

Half of Iran’s lawmakers have written to President Hassan Rouhani demanding the removal of the central bank chief, accusing him of mismanaging the banking industry and currency markets as the rial weakened to a record low.

Iran’s Power Infrastructure Suffers From Aging And Overuse | Radio Farda

Iran increased nominal power generation capacity by 3% to around 78.9 GW during last fiscal year, ended on March 20, the statistics of Energy Ministry’s annual report indicate. The mentioned figure is nominal power generation, but the actual capacity stood at below 68.5 GW, which demonstrate that the country’s power plants suffer seriously from aging and exhaustion.


Iran Warns Of 'Unpleasant' Response If U.S. Drops Nuclear Deal: TV | Reuters


Iran warned the United States on Thursday of “unpleasant” consequences if Washington pulls out of a multinational nuclear deal, Iranian state TV reported.

UK, France and Germany in ‘intense’ talks with US to address Iran deal concerns | Telegraph (U.K.)

The UK, France and Germany are locked in "intense" talks with the US in an attempt to stop the Trump administration scuppering the Iran nuclear deal.


Russia, Iran and China All Have a Plan to Kill America's Nuclear Submarines | Harry Kazianis for the National Interest

There is no force patrolling the world’s oceans more powerful than the mighty U.S. Navy. Washington’s nuclear-powered attack and ballistic submarines, aircraft carriers and surface combatants, all guided by the best trained sailors and professionals in the world, are no match when stacked up on paper one-on-one against the likes of Russia, China, Iran or any other challenger. And as history shows, going to war against Washington in a fair-fight is suicide. However, thanks to advances in modern, ultra-quiet conventional diesel-electric submarines, Washington will need to adjust its tactics if it were to tangle with any nation sporting these increasingly sophisticated weapons of war.


The Clock Is Ticking for Americans Held Hostage in Iran | Jason Rezalan for The Washington Post


If President Trump is serious about pulling out of the nuclear agreement with Iran on May 12, time is running out for American citizens currently being held in Tehran.


Iran Faces Oil Sanctions Challenge despite Ditching Dollar | S&P Global Platts

Iran's oil industry remains vulnerable to tougher US sanctions regardless of a move this week to start using the euro for its foreign currency data references instead of the greenback, according to experts.


India's Iran Oil Imports Fell 15.7 Pct in Fiscal Year 2017/18- Trade | Reuters

India’s oil imports from Iran during the 2017/18 fiscal year fell by 15.7 percent from a year ago as state refiners reduced purchases after a row over development rights for an Iranian natural gas field, according to data from shipping and industry sources.


UN rights experts call on Iran to annul death sentence against Ramin Hossein Panahi | United Nations

United Nations human rights experts* have called for Iran to annul the death sentence against an Iranian Kurdish prisoner, Ramin Hossein Panahi, amid serious concerns that he has not received a fair trial and has been mistreated and tortured in detention.

Iran Arrests Culture Ministry Official over Public Dance | Agence France-Presse

Iran on Thursday arrested a senior official after a video posted online showed young boys and girls dancing in public in the northeastern holy city of Mashhad, the judiciary said.



Iranian Revolutionary Guards Slam Rouhani, Others for ‘Internal Stabs’ | Asharq Al-Awsat


The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) slammed on Thursday internal sides after they criticized the IRGC and “issued statements that harm unity and stoke division”... the statement was released shortly after President Hassan Rouhani hailed the military for refraining from getting involved in “political games.”



Hezbollah Will Be the Big Winner in Lebanon's Elections | Hanin Ghaddar for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy

The group has essentially guaranteed itself a victory by coopting opponents and shuffling electoral districts, but the West can still contain the damage by pressing Beirut on economic reforms.


Iran, Iraq, Syria, Russia Hold 'Anti-Terrorism' Meet | AFP

Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia held a meeting in Baghdad Thursday of military and security officials to coordinate "anti-terrorism" efforts, the Iranian defense ministry said.



New Threat to the U.S.: the Axis of Autocracy | Hal Brands for Bloomberg

Russia and Iran have often been geopolitical rivals, but today they are working in tandem to undermine American influence in the Middle East… This is happening for two reasons, one geopolitical and one ideological. The geopolitical reason is that what Iran, Russia and China have in common is that they are all trying to weaken, in their own way and for their own motives, an international order that is built on the dominance of the U.S., its allies and its partners… The ideological reason is that these countries also share a commitment to illiberal rule in a relatively liberal age.


Iran’s Defense Minister Visits Iraq to Promote Security Ties | Associated Press

Iran’s defense minister has visited a joint intelligence center in the Iraqi capital operated by Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia.