Eye on Iran: U.S. Move May Trigger Iran ‘Exit’ for Foreign Subsidiaries


U.S. Move May Trigger Iran ‘Exit’ for Foreign Subsidiaries | Wall Street Journal

The U.S. Treasury Department’s revocation on Wednesday of licenses allowing foreign subsidiaries of U.S companies to do certain business in Iran could be the trigger those firms need to exit their arrangements, attorneys said.

Iran Is Running Out of Options on Oil | Bloomberg

Iran’s position in the oil market is looking weaker than ever as a bruising OPEC meeting and tightening net of U.S. sanctions leave it with fewer friends and fleeing customers.

U.S. Says to Work with Allies to Cut Iran Oil Imports | Reuters

The United States is prepared to work with countries on a case by case basis to help them reduce imports of Iranian oil as Washington prepares to reimpose sanctions against Tehran in November, a State Department official said on Thursday, suggesting the Trump administration could offer waivers.


Iran: Appeasement Is Not the Right Way | UANI Senior Adviser Giulio Terzi for Euractiv

In her role as EU HR/VP, Federica Mogherini has been a strong advocate for saving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), more commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal. In a speech last week, she said Europe remains committed to full implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran, which she claims is the best way for the EU to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat. Mogherini is optimistic about the possibilities for the West’s relationship with Iran. She is mistaken, however, in her assumptions about the behaviour of the Iranian regime. Iran has proved again and again that it will pursue its own interests in its neighbourhood above all other considerations.


AP Explains: Iran Reopens Uranium Plant in Its Latest Gamble | Associated Press

Iran says it has restarted production at a "major" uranium facility involved in its nuclear program, though it still pledges to follow the terms of the country's landmark atomic deal now under threat after President Donald Trump pulled America out of the accord. Iranian comments about the Isfahan plant, which produces material needed to make enriched uranium, appear aimed at pressuring Europeans and others to come up with a way to circumvent new American sanctions.

Iran Threatens to Stop Implementing the Nuclear Deal | Radio Farda

Iran say it will stop implementing the landmark 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA) if all member states, international organizations, and the remaining parties to the agreement cannot guarantee its benefits for Iran.


Rouhani Calls on Iranians to Be Prepared to Face US Sanctions | Asharq Al-Awsat (U.K.)

For the second consecutive day, Rouhani called on Iranians to renounce internal differences and stand up against the US sanctions.

Japan Refiners Boost U.S. Crude Purchases As Iran Sanctions Loom | Reuters

Japanese refiners are ramping up purchases of U.S. crude as it becomes cheaper relative to their usual Middle East supplies and are assessing heavy grades from U.S. shale production as a replacement for supplies from Iran, industry sources said.

Perry: Iran Sanctions Will Stress Oil Markets | The Hill

Energy Secretary Rick Perry predicted Thursday that the restoration of sanctions on Iran will stress worldwide oil markets, but called on other oil-producing nations to increase their output.

US’s Haley Tells India to ‘Rethink’ Iran Ties | Agence France-Presse

The US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley on Thursday urged India to reconsider its ties to Iran, one of its key energy suppliers, as fresh US sanctions on buyers of Iranian oil loom.


UN Criticizes Iranian Missiles: Nuclear Deal at Crossroads | Asharq Al-Awsat (U.K.)

UN Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo alerted members of the Security Council that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iran's nuclear program was "at a crossroads" in light of US withdrawal.



Trump Expected to Seek Putin’s Help to Curb Iran’s Military In Syria | Wall Street Journal

President Donald Trump is expected to seek Moscow’s help in scaling back Iran’s military presence in Syria when he meets in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16 for a summit, say European diplomats and U.S. officials.

Israeli Leader Says Economic Pressure on Iran Bearing Fruit | Associated Press

Israel's prime minister says demonstrations taking place in Iran prove that international economic pressure against the Islamic Republic is working.

Why Won’t U.S. Stop Russia, Iran and Syria? Asks Opposition Leader As Government Moves In | Newsweek

A high-profile Syrian opposition leader has condemned the U.S. for allowing the Syrian military and its allies embark on a sweeping campaign to retake the southwest, one of the last rebel-held regions in the country.

Has There Been a Divorce between Russia and Iran? | Mashari Althaydi for Al Arabiya (Saudi Arabia / UAE)


Has American President Donald Trump, who is an expert in business, reached a meeting point in terms of the Syrian dilemma with “pragmatic” Russian President Vladimir Putin at the expense of the destructive Iranian role? There are hints to that. Al-Hayat daily quoted a western diplomatic source as saying that the American administration will negotiate with Moscow on a complete Iranian withdrawal from Syria.




'Worst Human Traffickers' Include Russia, Belarus, Iran, Turkmenistan | Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

In a new report, the U.S. State Department says Belarus, Iran, Russia, and Turkmenistan remain among the worst offenders of human trafficking and forced labor.

Child Abuse Case Brings Outrage, But No Change In Iran | Al Monitor

Just a month after a high-profile child molestation case shook Iran, the outrage has died down and very little is being done to prevent future abuse.


Rouhani Urges Iran’s Factions to Unite against US Pressure | Al Monitor

Amid growing economic pressure and the looming threat of an oil embargo imposed by the United States, President Hassan Rouhani has rejected calls to step down and insisted on unity against growing US pressure. “If anyone thinks the administration will resign, they are mistaken,” Rouhani said during a speech June 27 at a meeting of administration officials.


Trump’s Bid to Weaken Iran Is Strengthening the Saudi Economy | Wall Street Journal

The Trump administration’s effort to drive Iranian oil exports down to “zero” is boosting the fortunes of Tehran’s rival, Saudi Arabia, and putting the U.S. ally on a stronger footing for a showdown across the Persian Gulf.



Turkey Says Will Not Cut Off Trade Ties to Iran at Behest of Others | Reuters

Turkey will not cut off trade ties with Iran at the behest of other countries, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Friday, after the United States told countries to cut all imports of Iranian oil. Washington has told its allies to cut imports of Iranian oil by November, a senior State Department official said this week, as President Donald Trump looks to cut off funding to Iran.