Eye on Iran: Survivors of Iran Quake Await Badly Needed Aid, 3 Days Later


Survivors of Iran Quake Await Badly Needed Aid, 3 Days Later | Associated Press

Many survivors in Iran were still awaiting badly needed aid on Wednesday, three days after a powerful earthquake along the Iraq border killed more than 530 people and left thousands injured. Desperate, some families tried to set up temporary shelters, using straw collected from nearby farms. The delay in getting help to the needy came as public order broke down in many instances where aid was being delivered in the Iranian Kurdish region.

France: Russia, Iran Must Do All to Stop "Unacceptable Attacks" in Syria | Reuters

Russia and Iran must do all they can to stop air strikes targeting civilians in Syria and reach a definitive cessation of hostilities, France said on Tuesday after at least 61 people were killed in the bombing of an outdoor market.

Oil Seen as Real Prize of Iran's Kurdish Adventure | Reuters

After helping Iraq stifle a Kurdish push for independence, Iran is now positioning itself to take control of oil exports from the region’s giant Kirkuk field, with the first deliveries expected within days, officials and trading sources said.


Congress Moves Bill Jeopardizing Iran Nuclear Deal | Al Monitor

As Congress moves to ratchet up pressure on Iran, a key House panel today approved a bill that could run afoul of the 2015 nuclear deal. The Strengthening Oversight of Iran’s Access to Finance Act would make it much more difficult for Iran to purchase commercial aircraft from firms that do business in the United States.


Iran's Path to Becoming an LNG Exporter | Al Monitor

In the early 2000s, as Iran drafted ambitious plans to exploit its huge gas potential, allocating some of the gas for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) was firmly on its agenda.


UK To Consider Special Status for UK Woman Detained in Iran | Associated Press

Britain’s foreign secretary says he will meet with the husband of a British woman imprisoned in Iran to discuss offering her a special status to help secure her freedom. Boris Johnson has apologized for suggesting that 38-year-old Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was training journalists when she was arrested last year… Johnson told the House of Commons that he would discuss on Wednesday the possibility of giving Zaghari-Ratcliffe “diplomatic protection,” which would elevate her case to a legal dispute between Britain and Iran.


Iran, Lebanon's Hariri Differ on Key Meeting | Reuters

A top Iranian official and Lebanon’s Saad al-Hariri gave conflicting accounts on Tuesday of a key meeting they had held right before Hariri quit as prime minister, a move he attributed to regional meddling by Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah.

Israel Offers Aid to Arch-Foe Iran after Deadly Earthquake | Reuters

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered aid to the victims of the weekend's deadly earthquake in Iran insisting enmity between the two governments does not prevent humanitarian sympathy... Iran does not recognize the Jewish state and Israeli media reported that the offer was swiftly turned down through the International Committee of the Red Cross. But it comes as many of the tens of thousands left homeless by the quake have vented anger at the Islamic regime for what they say has been the slow response of the charitable foundations set up after the revolution of 1979.


UN Resolution Calls on Iranian Militia Fighters to Exit Syrian Conflict | Al Arabiya (Saudi Arabia / UAE)

The UN General Assembly has passed a resolution against serious human rights violations in Syria, most notably is their call on Iranian militias to leave Syria.


Collapsed State Housing in Iranian Quake Shows Corruption: Rouhani | Reuters

The ease with which some state-built homes collapsed in Sunday’s earthquake in western Iran showed corrupt practices when they were constructed, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday in a sentiment shared by many ordinary Iranians. Some of the houses which collapsed in an earthquake that killed at least 530 people and injured thousands of others were built under an affordable housing scheme initiated in 2011 by Rouhani’s predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.