Eye on Iran: Iran Warns Trump It Might Withdraw From Non-proliferation Treaty


Iran Warns Trump It Might Withdraw From Non-proliferation Treaty | Reuters

A senior Iranian official said on Tuesday that Tehran might quit a treaty designed to stop the spread of nuclear weapons if U.S. President Donald Trump scraps the nuclear accord Iran signed with world powers in 2015.

Macron, Merkel Expected to Push Trump on Keeping US in Iran Nuclear Deal | ABC News

French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte arrived at the White House Monday evening to the pomp and circumstance typical of a state visit, the choreography of which he is expected to balance against a delicate diplomatic effort to persuade President Donald Trump to remain in the Iran nuclear deal. Macron, along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel are making back-to-back visits with the president this week in a last-minute lobbying push to prevent the president from potentially sabotaging the agreement.

Russia, China to Obstruct U.S. Attempt to Sabotage Iran Nuclear Deal: TASS | Reuters

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday he had agreed with his Chinese counterpart that Moscow and Beijing would try to block any U.S. attempt to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal…


Iran Says 'Either All or Nothing' on Nuclear Deal: Zarif Tweets | Reuters

The European signatories of Iran’s nuclear deal with major powers should convince U.S. President Donald Trump not to exit the accord as there is no “plan B” for the agreement, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Tweeted on Monday. “It is either all or nothing.”

Macron Will Have to 'Pull a Rabbit Out of the Hat' to Save Iran Deal | CNN

Amid the pomp and circumstance of a full state visit, French President Emmanuel Macron is on a rescue mission to convince President Donald Trump to stick with the Iran nuclear deal. But despite the apparent warmth of the relationship between the two leaders, he faces an uphill struggle.

U.K. Urges G-7 to Make Case to Keep Iran Deal As U.S. Wavers | Bloomberg

Foreign ministers of Group of Seven nations are wrestling with how and whether to change the Iran nuclear deal as the U.S. wonders whether the pact can be saved. U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, speaking to reporters Monday at a G-7 summit in Toronto, said he and counterparts discussed the Iran situation at length. His hope is to preserve the Iran deal… preferably with the U.S. -- rather than pick it apart.

The Iran Deal Is Dead. Now What? | Ilan Berman for the National Interest

The pendulum has swung decisively in favor of Donald Trump “nixing” the Iran nuclear deal at the earliest possible opportunity. The operative question is: what comes next?

Three Oil Charts Before Trump's Iran Decision | Jude Clemente for Forbes

On a "big day of reckoning," President Donald Trump will decide on May 12 if the U.S. is going to restore economic sanctions on Iran. Especially with oil prices now reaching three year highs amid global tension, the oil market is taking note. Iran produces about 5% of the world's oil and is a key global exporter. It's estimated that today's prices have a $1-3 premium that assumes the U.S. will pull out of the nuclear deal and/or deploy additional sanctions that would hamper Iran's ability to sell its oil. Prices could climb $5 per barrel if we completely opt out.



Iran Spreads Lies Claiming America Supports Terrorists after US-Led Attack on Syria | Benham Ben Taleblu for Fox News

Iran has been filling the airwaves and the Internet with anti-American lies, slander and ridiculous conspiracy theories since the U.S., Britain and France launched missile strikes on Syria April 14 in response to dictator Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons to kill his own citizens


Oil Settles Higher; Fears of Iran Sanctions End Early Slide | Reuters

Oil prices rebounded from an early slide to finish higher and strengthen further in post-settlement trade, as investors feared U.S. sanctions could dampen Iran's output.


The Shadow War between Israel and Iran Takes Center Stage | Ishaan Tharoor for The Washington Post

The rumblings of an open conflict between Israel and Iran in Syria are growing louder.

Is Israel-Iran Clash Imminent? | Al-Monitor

Senior members of the Israeli security establishment are predicting that the month of May will be one of the most volatile periods in the current era. Maj. Gen. (Res.) Amos Yadlin, the former head of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Military Intelligence Directorate, said in an interview published April 22, “I have not seen a May this dangerous since May 1967.”


Iran Police's Assault on Woman over Headscarf Stirs Debate | Associated Press

A grainy video of female officers from Iran's morality police assaulting a young woman whose headscarf only loosely covered her hair has sparked a new public debate on the decades-long requirement for women in the Islamic Republic.



Mummified Body Found In Iran Could Be Father of Last Shah | Associated Press

The discovery in Iran of a mummified body near the site of a former royal mausoleum has raised speculation it could be the remains of the late Reza Shah Pahlavi, founder of the Pahlavi dynasty.


Trump Shouldn’t Give In To Macron’s Iran Deal Request | Richard Goldberg for the New York Post

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Washington Monday with a seemingly innocuous request for President Trump: Let Europe keep doing business with Iran. But unless Trump wants to make a bad nuclear deal even worse, he should flatly reject Macron’s request.