Eye on Iran: India Is Considering 50 Percent Iran Oil Cut to Win U.S. Waiver


India Is Considering 50 Percent Iran Oil Cut to Win U.S. Waiver | Bloomberg

India, the second biggest crude customer for Iran, may cut its imports from the Islamic republic by half to secure a waiver from the U.S. to continue with shipments, people familiar with the matter said.

Iran Rejects UN Report on Al-Qaida Leaders Influencing Syria | Associated Press

Iran is “categorically” rejecting a report by U.N. experts which says al-Qaida’s leaders in Iran “have grown more prominent” and have been working with the extremist group’s top leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, to influence events in Syria.

UK Investor Halts Iran Solar Project over US Sanctions | AFP

British group Quercus, an investor in renewable energy, said Tuesday it will halt work on a major solar plant in Iran after the country was hit by US economic sanctions. "Following the US sanctions on Iran, we have decided to cease all activities in the country, including our 600 MW (megawatt) project," Quercus chief executive Diego Biasi said Tuesday in comments later confirmed by a company spokesman.


Iran Media Omits Khamenei Statement on Nuclear Deal: I Personally Made A Mistake | Al Arabiya

For the first time since he became Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, described by Arab media as the supreme leader of the regime, recognized what he considered as his mistake in allowing Iran to join the nuclear negotiations a few years ago, which led to the nuclear deal and the eradication of international sanctions.


S.Korea's Iran Crude Imports for July Down 43.5 Pct Y/Y –Customs | Reuters

South Korea imported 788,651 tonnes of crude oil from Iran in July, down 43.5 percent from a year ago, preliminary data from Korea Customs Service showed on Wednesday.

Sanctions Closing In, Iran to Attend September OPEC Monitoring Committee to Protest Oil Quota Reallocation | S&P Global

Iran will send its oil minister, Bijan Zanganeh, to a September meeting of the monitoring committee overseeing OPEC's supply accord with Russia and other allies, in another bid to preserve the sanctions-hit country's crude market share.

Economic Crisis In Iran Leading to Job Cuts And Inflation | Radio Farda

Iranian Auto parts manufacturers says 450 thousand workers in this industry are likely to lose their jobs as a result of Iran's foreign currency crisis. At the same time, Iranian media report that rising prices of foodstuff and cost of housing on a daily basis make life harder for most Iranians.

As Currency Drops Iran Faces Shortages of Medications | Radio Farda

Iran’s health ministry spokesman has admitted that the country is currently suffering from shortages of foreign-made medications, but, insisted that “it can be overcome.”


U.S. Is Trying To Make Iran "Surrender" Through Sanctions -Iran VP | Reuters


The United States is trying to make Iran surrender through the imposition of sanctions, Iranian vice president Eshaq Jahangiri said on Wednesday.


Pentagon: We Are Closely Monitoring Iran’s Missile Testing | Asharq Al-Awsat

The United States is aware of the anti-ship missile tests Iran conducted last week, said Commander Rebecca Rebarich, a Pentagon spokeswoman.


In Iran, Kurdish Journalist Faces 3rd Summons by Officials This Year | Voice Of America

An Iranian Kurdish journalist who has been summoned for questioning by Iran's security and judicial authorities twice this year says he has been ordered to face a third round of questioning in the coming days.


Analysis: Congress’s NDAA Gave Trump a Green Light to Confront Iran | Seth Frantzman for the Jerusalem Post

The National Defense Authorization Act that US President Donald Trump signed on Monday contained an unprecedented focus on Iran as a threat to both the Middle East and US national security.

Britain Should Back Trump’s Moves on Iran | Roger Boyes for the Times (U.K.)

Britain should support the US move instead of clutching to the European idea that the flawed nuclear deal was a unique piece of statecraft that has to be saved at all cost.


Tehran Tries to Face Down Domestic Critics of Caspian Sea Deal | Forbes


A treaty signed by Iran and the four other countries bordering the Caspian Sea has been met with a skeptical reception inside Iran, with some domestic critics saying Tehran appears to have ceded a significant part of its claim to the Caspian. Iran, along with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan, signed the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea on August 12 in the port city of Aktau, Kazakhstan.


Hezbollah Downplays US Sanctions on Iran | Associated Press

The leader of Lebanon's militant Hezbollah movement said Tuesday that U.S. sanctions against Iran and his Iran-backed group will not have major effects on them and will not lead to regime change in Tehran.

Lebanese Hezbollah Leader Says Group Stronger Than Ever | Reuters

The leader of Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, said on Tuesday his group was stronger than ever and would “very soon” celebrate victory in Syria, where it has been fighting alongside President Bashar al-Assad. Nasrallah was speaking on live television to mark the anniversary of a 2006 war it fought with Israel, which regards Iran as its biggest foe and Hezbollah as the top threat on its borders.


Iraq to Reduce Visa Charges for Iranian Pilgrims | Associated Press

Iraq is reducing visa charges for Iranian pilgrims who visit to mark a major religious occasion later this year.