Eye on Iran: France Raises Prospect of New Sanctions on Iran over Ballistic Program


France Raises Prospect of New Sanctions on Iran over Ballistic Program | Reuters

France’s foreign ministry suggested on Monday that new sanctions could be imposed on Iran if needed over its ballistic missile program.

Citing U.S. Assets, Total Chief Says Would Have to Review Iran Gas Deal If New Sanctions Arose | Reuters

French oil and gas major Total would have to review its Iran gas project if the United States decided to impose unilateral sanctions on Tehran, given the company’s assets in the U.S. market, its chief executive told CNN.

Earthquake Near Iran-Iraq Border Kills More Than 500 | Wall Street Journal

Rescue efforts were under way Monday after a strong earthquake near the border between Iraq and Iran killed at least 537 people and injured many more.


EU’s Mogherini Rebuffs U.S. Calls To Ratchet Up Pressure On Iran | Wall Street Journal

The European Union’s top diplomat rebuffed calls from Washington to ratchet up pressure on Iran, saying the bloc has no plans to discuss new sanctions on Tehran. The U.S., following the administration’s review of Iran policy, has urged allies in recent weeks to raise the cost to Iran of advancing its ballistic-missile program and stoking conflicts in the region. European officials say they will work with Washington on those issues but are lobbying the U.S., in exchange, not to abandon the Iranian nuclear deal…

Iran Sticks to Key Limits of Nuclear Deal: U.N. Watchdog Report | Reuters

Iran has remained within the main limits on its nuclear activity set by its 2015 deal with six world powers, the U.N. atomic watchdog said in its first report since U.S. President Donald Trump decertified Iranian compliance with the terms.


U.S. Would Welcome New EU Sanctions on Iran: Official | Reuters

Any move by the European Union to impose new sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missile program and alleged involvement in Middle East conflicts would be “interesting and helpful”, a U.S. administration official said on Tuesday.


Hezbollah, Crown Jewel of Iran's Spreading Influence | Agence France-Presse

Lebanon's Hezbollah, blamed by Saad Hariri for his shock resignation as premier, has grown over the three decades since its founding into a mighty army used by Iran to project regional influence… From Lebanon to Syria, Yemen, and Iraq, Hezbollah has matured into Iran's most useful "tool" -- drawing the ire of Tehran's regional rival Riyadh, analysts say.

Hamas Must Choose Between Palestinian Unity, Iran | Al Monitor

Egypt has summoned the representatives of the two major Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas, to another round of reconciliation talks in Cairo on Nov. 21… This is the crux of the matter: how to achieve Hamas-Fatah unity even as Iran’s interests and involvement in Beirut and Gaza grow daily.


Iran's Jailed Dual Nationals and Their Uncertain Fate | BBC News

The plight of British-Iranian mother Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, accused of trying to overthrow the government of Iran, has focused attention on other people with dual nationality who are languishing in the Islamic Republic's prisons… Estimates vary between 12 to 30 people.

U.K. Foreign Secretary Regrets Remarks on Briton Imprisoned in Iran | New York Times

Boris Johnson, Britain’s foreign secretary, apologized on Monday for misleading remarks about a British-Iranian woman imprisoned in Iran that her family said could be used to justify, and even prolong, her sentence for sedition.

Efforts to Free Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe Will Be 'Long-Haul' | Guardian

Britain’s former ambassador to Tehran has warned against expecting a breakthrough in the fight to release Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe when Boris Johnson visits Iran later this year, saying negotiations will involve “a long haul”.

New Iran Law Set to Radically Decrease Executions | Al Monitor

Iran’s new law for combating drugs will be implemented beginning Nov. 14. The law — passed by the Reformist majority parliament and approved by the conservative Guardian Council — is set to decrease the number of people executed in Iran, which leads the world in executions on a per capita basis.


France: Iran Non-Interference in Lebanon Is Key for Regional Stability | Reuters

France’s foreign ministry said on Monday it was an important condition for the stability of the region that Iran not interfere in Lebanon’s domestic affairs.

Iran 'Hopes Hariri Will Remain Lebanon's Prime Minister' | Reuters

An Iranian official said on Tuesday Tehran hoped Saad al-Hariri would remain as Lebanon’s prime minister and denied Hariri had resigned after a tense meeting with him in Beirut. Hariri resigned abruptly on Nov. 4 while in Saudi Arabia, saying he believed there was an assassination plot against him and accusing Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah of sowing strife in the Arab world.


Iran Drowns Qatari Markets with Rotten Produce, Exports Partially Suspended | Al Arabiya (Saudi Arabia / UAE)

Iran’s exports to Qatar have been partially suspended after Iranian merchants drowned Qatari markets with rotten products and goods and after fraud, embezzlement and theft increased.


Old Friends Steer Iran's Rouhani to the Right | Al Monitor

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s second term in office, which began in August, has been accompanied by much criticism from the Reformists, so much so that some have even reported rifts emerging within the Cabinet.