Eye on Iran: EU, U.S. Officials Plan Berlin Talks on Iran Nuclear Deal: Source


EU, U.S. Officials Plan Berlin Talks on Iran Nuclear Deal: Source | Reuters

European and U.S. officials are planning to meet in Berlin in March for talks on Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, a German Foreign Ministry source said on Wednesday.

Iran Grapples with a Volatile Currency | Wall Street Journal

Volatility in Iran’s currency is disrupting trade and creating new challenges for an embattled president after antigovernment protests rocked the country.

An Iranian Hacking Group Is Expanding Operations in the Middle East, Report Says | CNBC

An Iran-based hacking group that in the past has conducted domestic surveillance is turning its gaze outward across the Middle East, according to a new report from Symantec.


Iran Reaches New Stage in Proxy Wars in Iraq, Syria | Washington Times

Iranian military leaders are elevating their proxy wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen to a new and dangerous stage, funneling more money, weapons and advisers to Shia militias in those nations in an attempt to further cement Tehran’s growing influence in the post-Islamic State Middle East, a former high level American diplomat in the region said Wednesday.


Spurned by U.S. and Facing Danger Back Home, Iranian Christians Fear the Worst | New York Times

They sold their homes and possessions, quit their jobs, and left their country — they thought for good. The Iranians, mainly members of their nation’s Christian minorities, were bound for a new life in America after what should have been a brief sojourn in Austria for visa processing. But more than a year later, some 100 of them remain stranded in Vienna, their savings drained, their lives in limbo and the promise of America dead. Even as the Trump administration continued to pledge help to religious minorities in the Middle East, many of whom face persecution, the United States denied their applications for refugee status in recent weeks.


Inside the 7-Year-Old Iranian Propaganda Machine Producing Fake BBC News | Forbes

Russia isn't alone in its campaign to spread fake news. Iran was one of the early adopters in the world of made-up current affairs designed to spread disinformation and discredit legitimate media. One of its main targets in recent years has been the BBC. The news organization's journalists have faced harassment to the point the BBC filed a complaint with the United Nations last year.


EU Demands That Russia, Iran, Turkey Halt Syria Fighting | Associated Press

The European Union is demanding that Russia, Iran and Turkey take responsibility for ensuring that the fighting stops in Syria and that a real 30-day halt in fighting is respected.


Iran Wrestling Officials Resign Over Israel Competition Ban | BBC News

The head of Iran's wrestling federation has resigned after criticising authorities for letting players be punished because of the country's ban on athletes competing against Israel… Earlier this month, Mr Khadem criticised Iranian authorities for their stance on Israeli opponents, and called for a "fundamental solution" to the ongoing problem. "Forcing an athlete to accept defeat or run around all night looking for a doctor's note is not right," he said.