Eye on Iran: A British-Iranian National Has Been Sentenced to Six Years in Prison in Iran on Spying Charges


A British-Iranian National Has Been Sentenced to Six Years in Prison in Iran on Spying Charges | Associated Press

An unnamed British-Iranian national has been sentenced to six years in prison on spying charges, the official news agency of Iran’s judiciary reported Sunday, the latest dual national convicted in the country.

U.S. Says Russia, Syria, Iran Not Honoring Cease-Fire, Warns Of Action | Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

The United States has said it is ready to act in Syria to end chemical attacks and "inhuman suffering" if Russia, Iran, and Syria continue to allegedly ignore a 30-day cease-fire approved by the United Nations, prompting a warning from Moscow that it will strike back if the lives of its servicemen are threatened.

BBC Staff To Testify At U.N. on Iran Targeting Persian Service | Associated Press

The BBC said Monday its journalists will appeal for the first time directly to the United Nations over what the British broadcaster describes as the “persecution and harassment” by Iran of those affiliated with its Persian service.


Iranian Troops Kill Suicide Attackers Near Pakistan Border: News Agency | Reuters

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps said on Monday it had killed two suicide attackers and defused their explosives near the border with Pakistan, the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported.


Iran Accuses US Of Supporting IS In Afghanistan; Washington Denies Allegation | Voice Of America

Iran has accused the United States of helping Islamic State militants in Afghanistan to fuel regional terrorism and threaten neighboring countries.


What Iran Can Teach Us About North Korea Summit | Ilan Berman for USA Today

You could call it the Iranian negotiating model. After months of escalating tensions with the United States, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has offered to meet directly with President Trump, engendering cautious optimism from many who see this as a necessary first step to de-escalation in Asia. The White House has tentatively agreed to the meeting. And yet, without deft handling, this dialogue could allow one of the world’s worst rogue states to reap enormous dividends as a result of its irresponsible conduct — much as happened with Iran in the not-so-distant past.

For Trump, Iran And North Korea Policies Inextricably Linked | Jerusalem Post

American commitments under a landmark nuclear deal with Iran offer several lessons for US President Donald Trump as he prepares to enter talks with North Korea over its own nuclear work. But what those lessons are depends on who you ask. Critics of the Iran deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), say that the 2015 agreement provides Tehran with a path toward a nuclear weapons capacity and shows that Washington is willing to bend over backwards in negotiations when faced with nuclear blackmail. As North Korea perfects its intercontinental ballistic missile program – the very effort that has precipitated the current crisis, as it threatens the entire continental US homeland – critics of the Iran deal say that it allows for Tehran to perfect that same technology, guaranteeing a similar crisis down the line.


Iranian Mistrust Of Russia Surges As Syrian War Winds Down | Al Monitor

In Iran, the media's negative view toward Russia is intensifying amid speculation that Moscow is bypassing Tehran in Syria.


Iranian Agents Accused of Assassinating Commander of Kurds In Iraq | Jerusalem Post

A commander in the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran was assassinated on March 6 in northern Iraq by agents of Iran, according to members of the dissident group.


One ‘Spark’ Could Reignite Protests, Warns Iran’s Interior Minister | Al Monitor

In separate interviews with leading Iranian newspapers, Iranian Interior Minister Abdul Reza Rahmani Fazli discussed the findings of an Interior Ministry report warning that the grievances that led to the nationwide protests in December and January could once again cause unrest in the country.

Khomeini’s Grandson Criticizes Crackdown of Iran Protests | Al Arabiya (Saudi Arabia / UAE)

Hassan al-Khomeini, the grandson of the first leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, criticized the suppression of the popular protests in the country, warning of the fall of the regime if it did not listen to the demands of the people.

Iranian Parliament Begins Hearing on Minister of Labor | Associated Press

Iranian lawmakers have begun a hearing on the labor minister's alleged mismanagement of unemployment and other government enterprises.