The Very Real, Very Dangerous Threat of the Iranian Regime

Fox News

UANI CEO Amb. Mark Wallace & UANI Executive Director Matan Shamir: "In an recent article in Foreign Policy magazine, author Trita Parsi wants us to believe that “Iran’s proxy wars [are] a figment of America’s imagination.” He brushes off the statements of newly minted Secretary of Defense James Mattis—a career Marine, four star general and universally lauded military expert—as hyperbole. Interestingly, Parsi neglects to mention Iran’s long-held position as the leading state sponsor of terrorism. At a time when facts are at a premium, let's assess the stark realities of the Iranian regime and the severe threat it poses to global security. Iran is responsible for the death of more than 1,000 U.S. service members, and the catastrophic injuries of countless more through its financial support, provision of weapons and training of terrorists in Iraq, Lebanon and across the Gulf states... And in sworn testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee in 2008, General David Petraeus said, “Iran’s activities have been particularly harmful in Iraq, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories and Afghanistan. In each location, Tehran has, to varying degrees, fueled proxy wars in an effort to increase its influence and pursue its regional ambitions.” And just last year President Barack Obama echoed that sentiment saying, “We remain steadfast in opposing Iran’s destabilizing behavior elsewhere, including its threats against Israel and our Gulf partners, and its support for violent proxies in places like Syria and Yemen.” ... Rather than attempt to deny the Iranian regime’s transparent role in waging destructive proxy wars across the Middle East, or cast blame on other Gulf states, we must accept the facts and recommit ourselves to fight all terrorists and those who would support them."