UN Iran Expert Concerned About Death Sentences For Protesters


UN Iran Expert Concerned About Death Sentences For Protesters | Reuters

A U.N.-appointed independent expert on Iran voiced concern on Tuesday that the repression of protesters was intensifying, with authorities launching a "campaign" of sentencing them to death. The United Nations says more than 300 people have been killed so far and 14,000 arrested in protests that began after the Sept. 16 death in custody of 22-year-old Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini. "I'm afraid that the Iranian regime will react violently to the Human Rights Council resolution and this may trigger more violence and repression on their part," Javaid Rehman told Reuters, referring to a UN Human Rights Council vote to establish a probe into the crackdown last week.  

Alabama Man Charged In Alleged Scheme To Violate U.S. Sanctions On Iran | CNBC 

The Justice Department has charged an Alabama man with violating U.S. sanctions, alleging he schemed to sell oil and gas industry equipment in Iran. The DOJ indicted Ray Hunt, 69, of Madison County, Ala., on 15 counts, including conspiracy to defraud the U.S., sanctions violations, smuggling goods and submitting false or misleading export information, according to an indictment unsealed Tuesday. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison and as much a $1 million fine. Hunt is a naturalized citizen born in Iran, according to the indictment. He is also known as Abdolrahman Hantoosh, Rahman Hantoosh and Rahman Natoosh.  

Iraq And Iran Agree To Tighten Border Security Amid Unrest | The Wall Street Journal 

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed al-Sudani said his country would tighten security cooperation with Iran, after Tehran strengthened its military presence along its western border to prevent the infiltration of Kurdish groups based in northern Iraq. “We will not allow the use of Iraqi lands to threaten Iran’s security,” Mr. Sudani said in a joint news conference Tuesday with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran. The two leaders agreed to form liaison committees on border security, Iranian and Iraqi state media reported. “Iraq’s role is key to achieve stability in the area,” Mr. Raisi said, calling Mr. Sudani’s first visit to Iran as premier a turning point in the two countries’ relations. Mr. Sudani, who took office last month, was nominated by the Coordination Framework, a bloc of mostly Shiite factions backed by Iran that holds the most seats in Parliament.


Venezuela Exports Oil, Despite US Sanctions, Using False Documents, Ships Linked To Iran | Reuters 

…The quality certificate was shared with Reuters by advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), which tracks shipments potentially violating sanctions. Shipping database Equasis listed contact details for the Young Yong's owner Technology Bright as care of Hong Kong-based East Wind Ship Management. A Reuters reporter could not find East Wind Ship Management at the address listed in the database nor find a contact elsewhere to seek comment. Reuters was unable to identify the buyer of the oil in China. Indonesian authorities said in early November that the Young Yong had run aground off the Riau Islands on Oct. 26. UANI said it was carrying Venezuelan fuel oil when it ran aground and was likely trying to reach Nipah, a popular ship-to-ship transfer hub near Indonesian waters, according to satellite pictures and vessel tracking, analyzed by the advocacy group.  

Iran’s Official Death Toll From Protests Should Be ‘Treated Skeptically’ | Newsweek 

…Tehran deployed state security forces to crack down on the protesters, leading to violent clashes spreading across the Middle Eastern country. Iranian Revolutionary Guards General Amirali Hajizadeh made the announcement about the death toll from the protests on Tuesday. "Everyone in the country has been affected by the death of this lady," Hajizadeh said, according to AFP. Jason Brodsky, policy director at bi-partisan, non-profit United Against Nuclear Iran, told Newsweek: "Iranian official statistics during protest cycles should be treated skeptically. The 300+ figure is less than estimates by human rights organizations." "For example, Human Rights Activists News Agency yesterday reported 451 deaths. During the 2019 protests, Reuters reported the death toll was as high as around 1,500, which Iranian officials dismissed. So they have a history of purposely lowballing," he added.  

Beirut Vigilantes Taking Security Into Their Own Hands | i24 News 

Lebanese men are taking security into their own hands, wielding batons and torches as they patrol Beirut’s unlit streets in what they consider a way to reassure those who feel unsafe in the collapsing state. Critics are worried that the initiative echoes Lebanon’s troubled past. To others, like David Daoud, research director of Lebanon, Israel, and Syria at the United Against Nuclear Iran NGO and a non-resident fellow of the Atlantic Council, it's "par for the course." “Lebanon has always been a place where citizens have taken security into their own hands. It’s why we have Hezbollah, a symptom of the weakness of the state’s institutions," Daoud told i24NEWS, referring to the armed Shiite political movement.  


Ali Karimi: Iranian Soccer Great Alleges Death Threats Made Against Him By The Iran Government After Supporting Protesters | CNN 

Iranian soccer great Ali Karimi has alleged that death threats have been made against him, while his family and close friends have been intimidated and harassed by the Iranian government following his support of ongoing protests in the country. Known as the ‘Asian Maradona,” the 44-year-old Karimi, who retired from playing in 2014, has been a longstanding critic of the Iranian government, and since the onset of protests in Iran in mid-September has openly supported demonstrators who have taken to the streets to voice their grievances with the regime. The government has described him as one of the “main leaders” of the recent protests in Iran, having issued a warrant for his arrest in early October charging him with “harmonizing with the enemy” and “encouraging riots”, according to Iran’s Supreme Council of the Judiciary. Both of those charges are punishable by death. In a hour-long sit-down interview with Iranian-American comedian Max Amini, posted on the soccer great’s YouTube channel, Karimi lays bare the death threats he says have been made against him, and the intimidation and threats he says his family and close friends have endured since before the outbreak of protests in Iran following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini on September 16.  

Global Pressure On Iran Increases Incrementally As Protests Continue | Iran International 

Many countries and international organizations have voiced support for protests in Iran by adopting resolutions and issuing condemnations of government violence, but people wonder about tangible actions. Many countries and international organizations have voiced support for protests in Iran by adopting resolutions and issuing condemnations of government violence, but people wonder about tangible actions. The United States Monday circulated a draft resolution on a measure to expel the Islamic Republic from the UN Commission on the Status of Women. The measure to remove Iran from the women's equality and empowerment body is scheduled to be voted on December 14. The Islamic Republic has just started a four-year term on the 45-member commission, which meets annually every March.  

Iran Sentences Four People To Death For "Cooperating With Israeli Intelligence" – Mehr | Reuters 

Four people were sentenced to death on Wednesday by Iran's judiciary for allegedly cooperating with Israel's intelligence organisation and committing kidnappings, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported. Mehr added that three other people were handed prison sentences between five to ten years for allegedly committing crimes such as acting against national security, aiding in kidnapping, and possessing illegal weapons. 


Scoop: Iran Committed To Thailand That It Won't Target Israeli Tourists, Cable Says | AXIOS

The government of Thailand notified the Israeli government that it received a commitment from Iran not to conduct attacks against Israeli targets on Thai soil, according to an Israeli Foreign Ministry cable and two Israeli officials briefed on the matter. Why it matters: Thailand is a major tourism destination for Israelis, and Israeli officials have accused Iranian operatives several times in the past decade of attempting to conduct attacks on Israelis in the country. Last June, Thai media outlets reported that Thailand's security forces were on high alert due to concerns about possible Iranian agents in the country, and the arrest of an Iranian agent in nearby Indonesia. Behind the scenes: On Nov. 15, the political director of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Aliza Bin-Noun, met with a senior Thai Foreign Ministry official in Bangkok, according to a copy of the diplomatic cable seen by Axios.