Eye on Iran: US Wants UN Action over Report on Iranian Missiles to Yemen


US Wants UN Action over Report on Iranian Missiles to Yemen | Agence France-Presse

US Ambassador Nikki Haley said Thursday that it was "time for the Security Council to act" following the release of a report by UN experts concluding that Iran had violated the arms embargo on Yemen.

Iran Raising Deposit Rates to Control Rial's Depreciation, TV Reports | Reuters

Iran’s central bank will raise deposit rates to bolster the value of the Iranian rial after it dropped to record lows, the head of the central bank said, according to a report by state television on Thursday.

Iran, Israel Battle Openly In Race to Define ‘Rules Of The Game’ | NBC News

The shift from covert attacks to open fighting between Iran and Israel illustrates that the regime in Tehran feels emboldened enough to confront and provoke its enemy, according to analysts.


Israel and Iran Square Off in Syria | Economist

It lasted only six hours, but the battle in the sky above Syria and Israel in the early hours of February 10th came close to turning a bloody civil war into a regional one.


U.S. Calls On Iran to Release Detained Opposition Leaders | Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

The U.S. State Department late on February 15 called on Iran to release three opposition leaders who have been under house arrest for seven years.


US Defense Secretary to Al Arabiya: Iran Is Behind All Regional Crises | Al Arabiya

US Defense Secretary James Mattis told Al Arabiya that Iran is behind all the regional crises.

Iran President Slams US Recognition of Jerusalem As Capital | Associated Press

Iran’s president has strongly criticized the Trump administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and urged Muslims to support the Palestinian cause.


India to Invest in Iran in Rupees amid Sanction Fears | Times of India

India, for the first time beyond Bhutan and Nepal, will invest in a foreign country — Iran — through its own national currency [the] Rupee to bypass any trouble arising out of impending US sanctions. PM Narendra Modi and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani are expected to put a mechanism in place for this purpose when they meet here on Saturday.  Rouhani is expected to seek Indian investments across sectors from ports, railway network and [special economic zones] when he meets the Indian leader.


Iran President Meets with Religious Scholars in India Trip | Associated Press

Iran's president said Thursday that his country was ready to help promote dialogue as a way to end bloodshed in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Hassan Rouhani made the comments to a group of Muslim religious scholars in the in southern Indian city of Hyderabad shortly after his arrival for a three-day India visit. Rouhani will meet Saturday with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi.