Eye on Iran: UN Chief: Iran May Be Defying UN on Missiles, OK on Nukes


UN Chief: Iran May Be Defying UN on Missiles, OK on Nukes | Associated Press

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is warning that Iran may be defying a U.N. call to halt ballistic missile development even as it complies with the nuclear deal with six world powers. 

As ISIS Recedes, U.S. Steps Up Focus on Iran | Wall Street Journal

As the U.S. military campaign against Islamic State winds down in the Middle East, the Trump administration is turning its focus to what it sees as a bigger threat: Iran. U.S. officials are wrestling with where and how to repel what they describe as a significant Iranian military expansion across the region, a development of increasing concern in Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

US Envoy Haley to Present 'Irrefutable Evidence' on Iran | Agence France-Presse

US Ambassador Nikki Haley will present "irrefutable evidence" that Iran has tried to cover up violations of international obligations, the US mission said Wednesday.


House Votes to Have Treasury Department Publish Iranian Leaders' Assets | Washington Examiner

Treasury Department officials must publish a report chronicling the financial assets of Iran’s top leaders, under a bill that passed the House on Wednesday… It’s a potential boon to Iranian dissidents against the regime, who stand to gain insight into corruption by top officials.

US Sanctions Expected Against Iran for Its Destructive Role in Yemen | Al Arabiya

The US Congress is considering a bill to impose new sanctions on Iran for its destructive role in Yemen and its policies to destabilize the country by supporting Houthi militias and supplying them with weapons. 


Boeing Execs Head To Iran As Congress Cracks Down on Tehran’s Use of Planes For Terror | Free Beacon

Executives from major airplane manufacturers Boeing and AirBus will reportedly head to Iran next week to hammer down multi-billion dollar deals to sell the Islamic Republic a new fleet of commercial planes amid a congressional crackdown on Tehran's continued use of commercial aircraft to transport weapons and terrorist fighters across the region. As controversy continues to swirl around Boeing's and AirBus's efforts to sell Iran a fleet of new jets, Congress has taken steps to mandate the U.S. government release public reports outlining Tehran's continued use of commercial aircraft for illicit terrorism purposes. The multi-billion dollar deals with Iran have been opposed by many in Congress who have disclosed evidence that the Islamic Republic routinely uses commercial aircraft as cover when illicitly transporting weapons and fighters across the Middle East.


Turkish Banker Accused of Helping Iran Launder Money Seeks Mistrial | Reuters

Lawyers for a Turkish banker on trial in New York on charges that he helped Iran evade U.S. sanctions asked a judge on Wednesday to declare a mistrial, saying testimony by a former Turkish police investigator should not have been allowed in court. 


Tillerson: Iran Is Arming Terrorist Organizations in the Middle East | Al Arabiya

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the United States is working with its allies and its European partners to counter Iran's destructive and destabilizing policies in the region and its support with weapons to terrorist organizations in the region.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Confirms Kirchner Government in Argentina Asked Interpol to Revoke ‘Red Notices’ for AMIA Bombing Planners | Algemeiner

Argentina’s beleaguered former president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, received a further blow from an unexpected quarter on Wednesday, with the Iranian foreign minister’s confirmation that her government had asked Interpol, the global law enforcement agency, to close its file on the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires. presentations to Interpol in that regard.


Iran Urges Muslim Nations to Defend Palestinians After Trump Move | Reuters

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday all Muslim nations should work together to defend the rights of Palestinians following Donald Trump’s decision last week to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 

Despite Rumors, Iran Says It's Not Surrendering Share of Caspian Sea | Al Monitor

Following various reports surfacing on the internet over Iran conceding too much of its share of the Caspian Sea, a senior Iranian diplomat has denied it, saying the inland lake is not a “watermelon” that must be divided into five equal parts.

Iran’s Indirect Strategy for Regional Influence | Ladan Yazdian for Washington Times

Last month, Yemen’s Houthis, the Iranian-supported rebel faction that now dominates the southern Persian Gulf’s most volatile state, fired a ballistic missile that came close to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, before being intercepted by the country’s military. The incident was a clear sign of the deepening sectarian conflict between Tehran and Riyadh now taking place throughout the Middle East. But it was also an accurate reflection of the sort of asymmetric tactics being prioritized by Iran in its strategy for regional dominance. Such a focus is not new. Iran has a long history of leveraging proxies and paramilitary techniques, dating back to the earliest days of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s Islamic Republic, when what was then known as “passive defense” was used to secure the realm in the tumultuous early post-revolutionary period.