Grassroots Advocacy

Grassroots advocacy is a key tool in preventing a nuclear-armed Iran. Through protests and other grassroots activities, the American public can clearly communicate to politicians and corporate executives that a nuclear Iran is not acceptable.

Local communities around the U.S. turn to UANI for resources such as news, research and speakers in addition to UANI programs and projects. As part of its grassroots activities, UANI organizes onsite protests at corporate offices and headquarters nationwide. UANI has protested in front of the offices of Honeywell, Maersk, Siemens, Sinopec, Eni, Nokia and other leading corporations with extensive Iran business operations.


    UN General Assembly Campaign

    Since 2009, as part of its annual UN General Assembly Campaign, UANI has organized and led efforts to compel New York area venues to not host Ahmadinejad and the Iranian delegation during the UN General Assembly’s (UNGA) annual September meeting in New York City. UANI and its supporters have successfully urged a number of venues to decline accommodations for Ahmadinejad and led campaigns and protests against those hotels that have hosted the Iranian leader. UANI believes no venue should be providing accommodation for the Iranian leadership without incurring severe reputational and financial consequences.

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    Auto Campaign Protest

    On February 10, 2013, as part of its ongoing Auto Campaign, UANI joined up with 12 other organizations at the International Auto Show in Baltimore to protest auto companies active in Iran. UANI protested against Nissan, Volkswagon, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Peugeot, and Mitsubishi among others.

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    Corporate March

    On June 10, 2011, UANI and Iran180 conducted protests at the New York offices of major multinational corporations which perform extensive business with Iran. The companies protested against included Eni (Italy), Sinopec (China), Siemens (Germany) and Essar (India).

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    Fiat Protest

    On April 22, 2011, UANI and Iran180 held a rally at the New York International Auto Show to protest Fiat’s irresponsible business dealings with Iran. Fiat openly does business in Iran, where the Iranian regime uses Fiat vehicles to transport missiles and stage public executions.

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    Maersk Protest

    On November 9, 2010, UANI protested against Maersk and other shipping companies doing business with Iran in front of the World Trade Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Shippers like Maersk have received billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money while continuing to trade with Iran.

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    Honeywell Protest

    UANI partnered in a protest rally at the headquarters of Honeywell in Morristown, New Jersey on June 21, 2010. Honeywell has refused to cease its business in Iran and is participating in projects to develop Iran's energy industry. Honeywell also does more business with the U.S. Government than any other company currently active in Iran.

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    Nokia Protest

    On August 20, 2009, UANI participated in a protest at Nokia's flagship store in New York City. UANI was protesting Nokia's sale of surveillance equipment to the Iranian regime, which has been used against the democratic opposition movement. In December 2011, Nokia announced the end of its Iran business.

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