Energy, Industrial Services

SATCO (Sameh Afzar Tajak Co.) is a private commercial company in Iran "working in the operation, maintenance, procurement and planning of power stations, automotive industries, steel industries and oil fields" (SATCO website, "About Us"). Ingersoll Rand is one of seven "Principals" affiliated with SATCO, selling assembly and industrial tools as well as material handling products (SATCO website, "Principals"). SATCO has sold products to several oil, gas and petrochemical companies, such as the state-owned National Iranian Drilling Company, as well as numerous light and heavy industries, power stations, the steel industry and automotive industry (SATCO website, "Sales").


Ingersoll Rand, in consortium with SATCO, participated in Iran’s 12th international oil show in 2007 (Iran's 12th Oil Show, "Exhibitor List"). SATCO was also an exhibitor at Iran's13th annual oil show in 2008 (Iran's 13th Oil Show, "Exhibitors").