Bank Sepah International Plc


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"The Treasury order names Sepah International Plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank Sepah in Britain and the bank's chairman and director, Ahmad Derakhshandeh, as weapons proliferators." (Daily Times, "U.S. names Iranian bank a weapons proliferator," 01/9/07)


"Based in the City of London, the world’s leading financial centre, BSIP is a UK incorporated bank specialising in providing finance and services for international trade worldwide. The bank has particular expertise in the Iranian market and has been a major provider of finance for trade in this market for many years. BSIP prides itself on its staff’s expertise and knowledge in this area and in its ability to provide both a first class service and first class advice to both the exporter and the importer all of which is supported by substantial investments in the latest banking systems and technology.In addition to the wide range of trade related products and services offered by BSIP it is also able to supply comprehensive treasury services including offering competitive deposit rates and foreign exchange services which include transactions involving Iranian Rials." (Company Website)

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